As you plan your fall getaway, be sure to explore the thriving craft brewery scene that adds a unique touch to your visit. Let's dive into the three must-visit breweries whose patios are ready to welcome you this fall: Save the World Brewing Co., Bear King Brewing Co., and Double Horn Brewing Co.


Save the World Brewing Company

A visit to Marble Falls wouldn't be complete without experiencing Save the World Brewing Company. Beyond its exceptional craft beers, this brewery boasts a unique mission – to save the world from bad beer. Their inviting patio provides a family-friendly setting to enjoy their exceptionally brewed ales while relishing in the cooler temperatures. With a diverse range of meticulously crafted beers, from the malty 'Lake Time' to the hoppy 'Little Green Boat,' there's a craft brew for every palette. Soak in the small-town ambiance as you savor your beer. Feel like a local this fall and raise a glass to Save the World Brewing Co.

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Bear King Brewing Company

For a taste of local flavors with a touch of regal charm, Bear King Brewing Company is a must-visit destination. Situated in downtown Marble Falls, this brewery is all about community, camaraderie, and crafting exceptional brews. Step onto their inviting patio, adorned with rustic accents, and let the autumn air envelop you as you sip on their seasonal creations. From the sweet and nutty 'Amberosia' ale to the rich and complex 'Dead Wreckoning,' each beer tells a unique story. Engage in lively conversations with fellow patrons, make new friends, and experience the sense of togetherness that this brewery radiates. Bear King Brewing Co promises not only great beer but also a memorable fall patio experience.


Double Horn Brewing Company

Nestled amidst the historic downtown district of Marble Falls, Double Horn is a must-try stop. Their inviting patio becomes a hub of activity, offering a lively atmosphere perfect for enjoying craft beer and delicious bites. Sip on their handcrafted brews, such as the rich and chocolatey 'Roast Me Smore Stout' or the easy drinking '1855 Pale Ale.' The central location makes it a convenient stop to refuel after exploring the town's charm. With an array of food options that complement their beer selection, Double Horn Brewing Co is your go-to destination for a delightful fall outing in Marble Falls.