"You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming." – Pablo Neruda

This year deserves a Spring Break, like Marble Falls deserves a Target (putting it out there – law of attraction). From a bird-watching river cruise to a stargaze on the Enchanted Rock trail, here are some recommendations to spice up the Spring season with unique adventures throughout the Texas Hill Country.


The Vanishing Texas River Cruise is a spectacular starting point that takes you down the Colorado River, showcasing the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country’s Highland Lakes region. Bird watchers will be particularly delighted to witness the regional and migrating selection of birds that includes the wintering Bald Eagles. Cascading waterfalls, towering cliffs, and an incredible sunset opportunity are sure to create unforgettable memories.


Sweet Berry Farm is ready for tulip enthusiasts to embark through the legendary field of Tulips. The Spring journey through the picture-perfect flowers is a tradition for many Marble Falls residents and it’s easy to see why as the colors accent the hill country landscape along Backbone Creek. Pick a few flowers for your dining room table, take a seat at one of the picnic tables and peer out over Backbone mountain. It’s a fresh perspective and it’s is readily available in the Texas Hill Country.


Enchanted Rock continues its magnificence through the night, with an incredible stargazing experience. Highlighting the rural dark sky, it is one of the best public places for stargazing in Central Texas. Significant steps are taken to ensure that there is minimal lighting in the park throughout the nighttime, providing optimal conditions to view the Milky Way, as well as boundless other constellations. Notedly, the state park installed a dark sky monitor to measure the relative darkness of the sky above the park and posts to their website (https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/enchanted-rock/more-info/dark-skies) every 15 minutes throughout the night to show fluctuations in the sky darkness over time.

Kayaking-Inks-AC-4-H (2)

The unassuming praises of Inks Lake State Park continue through every season and Spring Break is obviously no exception. This is the place to make a day of it. Pack a few sandwiches, fill up the thermos, bring a volleyball, and reserve a kayak for an irreplaceable day at Inks Lake State Park. Enjoy the sparkling blue water, colorful rock outcrops, and striking sunsets with your friends and family, or appreciate the readily available peaceful solitude with a solo journey. The legendary Devil’s Waterhole is also located here.


Double Horn Brewery offers a mid-week escape with its beloved Trivia Night every Wednesday night, starting at 6PM. Featuring mindless trivia for all ages and stages, Double Horn is centrally located in downtown Marble Falls, making it the perfect meeting place for your trivia team. There are prizes and specials on growlers of your favorite brew, so mark the calendar to test your trivial knowledge among friends.


Looking for a unique place to stay? Castle Falkenstein just opened to the public, providing a Bolivarian-inspired Castle experience to guests and Cypress Valley offers tree house lodging for an adventurous overnight stay. Additionally, the McKenzie Guest House is a charming B&B in downtown Marble Falls.


Whether you spend the night at a State Park campsite or enjoy the modern luxuries of a hotel, be sure to wake up early to stroll down main street and enjoy a great cup of coffee at the newest coffee shop, Ragtime Oriole. The local shop is in a historic building on Main Street, complete with wooden floors and a beadboard ceiling. There is also music on select nights, so be sure to check the schedule and enjoy some incredible live music from a curated selection of local talent.

Whatever your adventure, enjoy your Spring Break and stay safe!