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When eight-year-old Akiane Kramarik painted the face of Jesus from her recurring Heavenly visions, she never expected the painting to become a world-renowned masterpiece, or for it to be stolen. Now, the Prince of Peace, considered one of the most recognized faces of Jesus across the world, hangs on the walls of Belóved Gallery. The extraordinary story of the painting's creation, disappearance, and miraculous recovery is the heartbeat of Belóved Gallery’s premier exhibition, Akiane: The Early Years.

A remarkable collection spotlighting ten of Akiane’s original childhood paintings, Akiane: The Early Years, allows in-person viewings of the Prince of Peace for the first time since its creation two decades ago. Akiane: A Portrait of the Artist, the exclusive short film running as part of the exhibition, details Akiane’s journey through poverty, childhood fame, and tragic loss to becoming the master artist she is today. Belóved Gallery seeks to amplify Akiane’s message of unwavering faith, unconditional love, and eternal life through this unique exhibition, opening a doorway of hope for all.