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Walkway of Lights FAQ

We have the answers and more information to your questions regarding our annual Walkway of Lights event below but please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


Phone: 830.693.4449

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Q: Where does the Walkway of Lights take place and what are the dates?

A: The Walkway of Lights takes place at Lakeside Park in Marble Falls, TX 305 Buena Vista Drive from November 20, 2020 thru January 2, 2021

Q: What are the Walkway of Lights Hours?

A: 6pm-10pm daily. Weather permitting

Q: How much does Walkway cost?

A: Walkway is FREE! Your donations are greatly appreciated and keep our Walkway of Lights growing every year, there will be donation boxes located around the walkway for cash, and “DipJars” will be available for credit card donations. Learn more about “DipJar” here.

Q: What events will be going on at the Walkway of Lights?

A: For the 30th Anniversary of the Walkway of Lights, we have planned events like cookie decorating, live music, and themed nights throughout the 44 days of the Walkway of Lights. Check out our calendar here.

Q: Does the Walkway of Lights have any branded merchandise to purchase?

A: To celebrate 30 years of tradition, The Walkway of Lights will be selling branded drinking glasses. They will be available for purchase at the concession stand, Cash Only. Glasses can also be purchased at the Marble Falls Visitor Center, located at 100 Ave. G, and the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce, located at 916 2nd Street. Branded drinking glasses will cost $10. The Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor Center accept cash and credit cards.

Q: When will Santa be present?

A: Due to Covid-19 social distancing concerns, Santa will not make an appearance this year for pictures in “Santa Land”.

Q: Where is it best to park?

A: Parking is available in Lakeside Park and in the public parking places along the street throughout downtown. Please see the map for more details. There are few specific handicapped parking spots directly by the entrance in Lakeside Park.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Due to safety hazards, the Walkway will not be open if the ground is wet. For weather updates, follow @VisitMarbleFalls on Facebook or call 844-MF-LIGHTS. The decision will be made each day at 3pm.

Q: Are there any other rules I need to know?

A: Thanks for asking! It’s important that you stay on the lighted path and please, no hanging on the garland, or crossing over the garland. Please remember this is a family event and the use of profanity is frowned upon. No Smoking along the path or at the Concession area.

Q: What does the walkway terrain look like?

A: The Walkway of Lights is held in Lakeside Park. A new park now provides a sidewalk that is ADA compliant.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Pets on a leash are allowed at the Walkway of Lights. There are guide wires and other aspects that might not be safe for your animals so please keep them on a leash and pick up after them. Service animals are allowed, please bring their vest.

Q: Can I bring my stroller?

A: Strollers are welcome at Walkway of Lights. We ask that if you stop to take a photo, pull the stroller over to the side to allow others to pass.

Q: What can I bring in?

A: No glass bottles will be permitted. You are welcome to bring in plastic bottles and cameras. Please remember to put your trash in the trash cans provided.

Q: What items are prohibited?

A: No weapons of any kind, remote-controlled aircrafts and drones. No alcoholic beverages. No smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping). No fireworks of any kind. No Illegal substances of any kind. Unauthorized/ unlicensed vendors are prohibited. No bicycles or scooters are permitted on the path. We appreciate your cooperation with adhering to this policy.

Q: Is the Walkway ADA accessible?

A: The Walkway is outside on the sidewalk, there is one hill at the Exit that we recommend you turn wheelchairs around when going up.

Q: Are there restrooms on-site?

A: There are facilities that are open throughout the duration of the event.

Q: What are the busiest nights?

A: Our busiest nights are the week of Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas, as well as most weekends. If you are concerned about crowds forming, we recommend attending the Walkway of Lights on the weekdays.

Q: Can we get in early?

A: Since the Walkway of Lights shows up best when it is dark, beginning at 6p, we do not typically allow anyone to get in early. If you are differently-abled or have someone who is differently-abled in your group, we are opening up an hour earlier for those who prefer smaller crowds on November 24th and December 12th.

Q: Will there be concessions?

A: The concession stand is run by local non-profits. They will have hot chocolate and other beverages, plus some tasty holiday treats for sale. The concession stand is CASH ONLY.

Q: What about photos?

A: We will have a professional photographer at the Walkway on any of our open nights. You might be in a few of the photos. If you are not comfortable being in the photos, please be aware of the camera. You are welcome to take as many pictures as you would like. Remember to tag us @VisitMarbleFalls, we love seeing everyone have fun!

Q: Can I volunteer at the Walkway of Lights?

A: Yes, we would love for you to be a part of the event. Use this link to sign up for volunteer opportunities.